“Faith is not a religion. Faith is relationships.”

I grew up in a faith based household and I was taught a monotheistic religion. I practiced that religion until I found something better, relationship. Relationship with the living God and relationships with people. There are over 4,000 religions in the world and they all claim to be correct. There are also subsets and different groups of those religions. I find that to be very confusing.

If I were searching for God, how can I find Him among 4000 religions? There isn’t enough time in ones life to do so. I had to simplify my spiritual life to relationships because following rules of religions is boring, predictable, and stagnant.

The faith that I grew up in was Christian…more specifically, Seventh-Day Adventist. I thought I was good as long as I followed all the rules. After going through a dark season in my life, I realized that relationships are superior to rules and when you foster healthy relationships, the rules are naturally followed.

I still believe in Jesus Christ and I still keep the 7th day holy. The difference is my motives for doing so. Under religion I did it because those were the rules. Now that I’m focused on relationships I naturally keep the rules because I love Jesus and I love people.

“Faith is not a religion. Faith is relationships.”