“In order to forgive and be forgiven, we must have faith.”


F – Free for us: Forgiveness is free because of the death of Jesus Christ: Romans 8:32

O – Obedient:  God commands us to forgive so that we may be forgiven: Matthew 6:15

R – Releasing: When we forgive we release the hurt that others have caused us

G – Generous: We should always forgive seventy times seven: Matthew 18:21-35

I – Inclusive: Everybody is able to forgive and receive forgiveness

V – Valuable: Forgiveness cost God the Father the death of His Only Son

E – Excellent: When we forgive and are forgiven we are able to reach our highest potential

N – Necessary: We cannot be healed without forgiving and being forgiven

S – Soothing: The cup of forgiveness tastes very good and it heals and soothes our broken hearts

S – Salvation: Because Yeshua Elohim forgave us, all who accept His forgiveness will be saved into Eternal Life.

How does forgiveness relate to Faith? The only way to achieve true forgiveness is to be connected to the Forgiver, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In order to be connected to Him you must believe that He exists, died for our sins, brought Himself back to life, and is in Heaven connecting us back to the Heavenly Father.

“In order to forgive and be forgiven, we must have faith.”