“When we judge others we are judging ourselves.”

One of the definitions of judgmental according to is: tending to make moral judgments. On the same website is the British Dictionaries definition: of or denoting an attitude in which judgments about other people’s conduct are made.

We all judge one another in some way shape or form. We judge each other by the way we look, dress, ware our hair, act, talk, etc. We have done it so long that we do it subconsciously. If we see a tall slender black man in sweat pants, we might label him a basketball player. If we see a light skin woman, we might think she speaks Spanish. If we see a guy who we think is acting feminine or a girl who we think is acting masculine, we might think he or she is homosexual.

The questions are: Why do we judge people? Who gives us the right to make assumptions about peoples behavior? Why can’t we get to know people? Why can’t we seek to understand people? Why can’t we show compassion to people? Are we too self-righteous to care? Are we too scared of what others will think of us? Are we too busy to show compassion?

What dose faith have to do with any of this? We need faith in our ability to choose courage over fear, non-judgment over condemnation, and compassion over hate. When we do this we are able to see the beauty in all people. We will liberate our minds to the endless possibility in the human potential to be good.

“When we judge others we are judging ourselves.”