“Those who give up never succeed. Those who persevere always succeed.”

Perseverance is defined as: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Most people can accomplish a lot when they are in ideal circumstances. You had loving parents, you went to the best schools, you got the ideal job, you married the ideal spouse, etc.

What happens to those accomplishments when you had abusive parents, you went to sub-par schools, you work at fast food restaurants, and you’ve been divorced a few times? In your opinion, which is greater: achieving success with little difficulties or achieving success with multiple difficulties? I am of the persuasion that achieving success despite numerous difficulties is a step up than achieving the same accomplishment with little resistance.

For instance, you will never achieve an athletic body without exercising. You must work your muscles by adding weight (resistance) in order to grow them. The same thing is true for your mental and spiritual health.

How does faith apply to perseverance? While going through difficult situations, you must believe that somehow you will survive and achieve. You must have faith that you will win. You must have faith that you will grow. You must have faith that you will be better off persevering through challenges and difficulties than if you had no resistance.

“Those who give up never succeed. Those who persevere always succeed.”


Author: roymustardseed

I am a young man who loves writing. Writing is a wonderful art form and communication tool and I love being creative with it. I am a man of faith. I don't mind delving into the unknown, the untried, and the mysterious. It's actually quite entertaining and suspenseful as my faith is growing everyday. Come be a part of this faith journey with me and learn to Grow in Faith.

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